Organic Cotton

NINE+QUARTER is an organic maternity and breastfeeding wear brand.

Natural and organic fabrics are ideal during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding because they let your skin breath and keep you fresh and cool.

Organic cotton is also gentler and kinder to the environment and the people involved in its production:

🌱 Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides which makes it hypoallergenic and therefore far more gentle on your skin when it’s in contact with it all day.

🌱 Organic cotton produces less CO2e and often uses less water to grow, by better utilising rain versus irrigation systems. 

🌱 Organic cotton is more regulated, and therefore typically more fairly traded.

 The fact that we have chosen to use organic and other naturally sustainable fabrics such as bamboo is partly as a result of looking for quality, durable materials that are gentle on the skin, and partly because we want our clothes to have as little negative impact on people and resources as possible.


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At NINE+QUARTER we aim to offer on-trend, organic and easy-to-rock maternity and breastfeeding clothes

Our mission is to offer pregnant and breastfeeding mums effortlessly-cool and comfortable maternity and breastfeeding clothes.