Whilst we offer some maternity or nursing only tops we are increasingly moving towards 'multi-wear clothing', in essence, tops that can be worn during pregnancy and also after, with the added benefit of being breastfeeding-friendly. 

We created our multi-wear clothing to adapt to the changes of the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding, stretching to accommodate your bump without becoming saggy post-pregnancy. Not only does this mean you don’t need to replace your wardrobe every few months, it also helps to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry. 

By making quality, adaptable multi-wear, we want to offer a better solution for eco-conscious and savvy mamas. Too often, maternity wear is designed to be worn only for a brief period during (one) pregnancy and then discarded, making its way to landfill. 

We love it when our customers tell us that they carry on wearing their fave tees post pregnancy and breastfeeding or have gifted them on to friends or are even planning to save them for another pregnancy!

What are our 'Sustainability Goals'? 

Power of love maternity & breastfeeding sweatshirt
Our Power of Love sweatshirt has been designed with maternity and breastfeeding in mind.