Unique Baby Boys Names

by Elle-Rose Williams

If you’re looking for a beautiful baby boy name, but you want something a little more unique - this is going to be the blog post for you. Meghan and Harry all surprised us with the naming of Baby Sussex. Archie Harrison was a complete surprise, and a big departure to the super traditional names his brother has chosen for Archie’s cousins.

What will you name your baby boy?

So what about your precious baby boy? What will you name him?

Have a look through some of these beautiful names and see if any of them sound just right.


Simple, fun and memorable too. This is a name that makes a big impact.


Axel is currently the 15th most popular name in Sweden but it’s unlikely he’ll have many classmates with the same name outside Scandinavia.


An uncommon name, and one that is cute, quirky and transitions well from baby - boy - man.


A name that means ‘wise’ it’s a beautiful name that’s unique and fulfilling for the future.


A name that’s quite popular with celebrities, but uncommon with ‘everyday people’. Gideon is a Hebrew name with plenty of meaning and history.


This unique name is a beautiful Scottish name that is gorgeous for a baby boy. Whilst common in Scotland, outside of the country, it’s quite rare and unique.


English name meaning “one who grinds grain”, Miller is an alternative to the more more common Miles and William.   


Danish and Swedish cognate of the Greek Nikolaos, meaning victory of the people.


This name means ‘wealth and fortune’ which might be a gorgeous meaning for you if you’ve been waiting patiently for your baby boy to arrive.


If you’re feeling inspired by Game of Thrones, this royal name means ‘little king’ - so it’s a perfectly unique baby name for your little boy.


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