Pregnancy Style Hacks

by Anna Bastiaenen

Maternity clothes needn't be expensive, or unflattering. With just a few cunning style hacks, you can shop maternity well and repurpose pieces from your current wardrobe, saving yourself a lot of stress and money at the same time.

Pregnancy style hack #1: Belly bands / elastic bands

For a fast style hack that squeezes the last ounce of wear out of your pre-pregnancy jeans, try using a hair tie as a trouser extender - feed it through the hole and loop it back over the button. You can also find packs of more integrated extenders online that come in a variety of colours.

Folding a belly band in half and wearing it over your hips will do an excellent job of disguising the fact you can no longer fasten your trousers (no one needs to know!) For extra frugality, cut a pair of control-top tights off at the crotch or cut the top off a snug-fitting stretchy tee for your very own DIY belly band.  

Use a hair tie as a trouser extender

A hair tie fed through the button hole and looped back over the button makes a trouser extender.

Pregnancy style hack #2: Sports bras / bra extensions

You’ll be buying expensive nursing bras soon enough, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to fork out for a bigger bra before then. A pack of bra extenders will buy you some time (and room to breathe) in the early months. Wire-free and stretchy, sports bras are also perfect for sleeping in - or for supporting sore boobs when you’re breastfeeding.

Pregnancy style hack #3: Slip into something more comfortable

Not all flats are created equal! At the point where you can no longer reach your toes a pair of soft slip-ons will be your lifesavers. Make sure they have good arch support, are easy to put on hands-free and the comfort factor is high. Think along the lines of Birkenstocks or some Gucci-esque espadrille slides.

Pregnancy style hack #4: You shall go to the ball

If an event is looming and you’re feeling the panic rising, why not consider renting a maternity gown? Girl Meets Dress stocks some glam styles in various sizes for pregnant belly’s; Chic by Choice also has some stunning loose options (Philip Lim and DVF) that would look great over a growing bump.

Pregnancy style hack #5: Leggings and tees - the ultimate items

Leggings and maternity tees are the ultimate style hack: soft and stretchy, you won’t have to keep supersizing - and they’re comfortable as hell. Newly launched NINE+QUARTER’s range of maternity and breastfeeding tees, tanks and leggings are perfect if you want to inject some easy-to-rock style into your pregnancy wardrobe.

Organic maternity tops and leggings - NINE+QUARTER

Leggings and maternity tees are the ultimate style hack: soft and stretchy and oh so comfortable. 

Pregnancy style hack #6: Open blazers for hiding an early bump

If you’re trying to hide a bump before it’s time to tell your workmates, an open blazer is a failsafe midriff-concealer. Roll the sleeves and pair it with a loose blouse and you’ll be good to go. The slimming effect is also undeniable, especially with jackets that skim the hip or lightweight coats that graze the calf.

Pregnancy style hack #7: MacGyver your floatiest dresses with a belt

You can integrate quite a few of your pre-pregnancy dresses into your maternity wardrobe with this simple belt trick – and, if you feel that a dress is too short, just add leggings or jeans to turn it into a long-length top.

Pregnancy style hack #8: Declutter to create a capsule wardrobe

Aim to empty your wardrobe of anything that isn’t pregnancy-friendly; you’ll be rewarded with more time, less clutter and no stress. Plus you won’t be taunted daily by all your old faves that no longer fit.

Pregnancy style hack #9: Take inspiration from menswear

Tie an oversize shirt under the bust with a maternity cami or vest underneath, or belt it for a flattering empire line. You can use this ninja trick to get you through your first trimester at least - if you roll the sleeves it’ll be the perfect no-fuss summer layer.

Pregnancy style hack #10: Not wearing your coat (while still technically wearing your coat)
Get more mileage from your jackets and coats by draping them over your shoulders instead of putting your arms through the sleeves; not only will you look like one of the street style elite at Fashion Week but everyone will know you’re fancy enough to never actually need to use your arms! A style hack and maternity trend in one - you heard it here first ladies.


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As Deputy Editor of luxury lifestyle publication Lusso Magazine and Interiors Editor for influential property journal PrimeResi, Anna draws on a decade of experience in the buying department at Harrods and previous to that Event Coordinator for London Fashion Week, fine-tuning her wisdom of what’s merely expensive and what deserves its high price tag. She now juggles journalism and a busy family life with her husband, three year old daughter and another little one on the way.

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