Finding Your Mum-Style

Fashion Tips for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Find yourself reaching for generic “mum” clothing time after time? Have you lost your style mojo? We’ve got you, mama. Finding your mum-style may seem like a frivolity, but actually, it’s an incredibly important act of self-care that many women miss out on.  

Not only does finding your personal style make getting dressed a quick, painless process, but it also makes you feel more confident in your skin, more willing to go out and socialise, and infinitely more comfortable. 

Here are the four key ways to find your mum-style.

Dress To Be Happy

Step away from the generic high-street maternity and breastfeeding clothes and into something that makes you smile. Life is far too short not to wear clothing that makes your heart sing, whether it’s the colour, design, or how it hugs you in all the right places, choose items that you look forward to wearing. 

power of love maternity & breastfeeding sweatshirt
At N+Q we have a range of feel-good maternity & breastfeeding sweats in super-soft, organic cotton-elastane.  

Dress To Feel Confident

When shopping for your maternity or breastfeeding wardrobe, think about your pre-pregnancy clothes. What pieces made you walk with your head a little higher, knowing that you looked as fabulous as you felt? Whether it’s a bright new pair of trainers, skinny jeans or statement earrings, make sure your wardrobe has plenty of confidence-carrying items for those days you need a little extra pep in your step.

Dress For Convenience

While a capsule wardrobe can be a little too restrictive for our liking, it’s a great idea to streamline your wardrobe into outfits that you can quickly throw together. Most mums live in jeans or leggings during those initial years of motherhood, which is a great base for allowing you to mix and match t-shirts, tanks and sweatshirts for a dose of personality. Not only will you save time in the morning, but you’ll never find yourself struggling to find something to wear.

Dress For Comfort

Perhaps the most important tip of all, choose fabrics and cuts that not only work for your shape but are comfortable for the way you live. Let’s face it, no matter how stylish you’re dressed; it means nothing if you can’t bend, crouch, sit and walk in it. Maternity and breastfeeding clothing gets put through its paces, which is why you should invest in fabrics that are soft yet hardwearing. Look for organic cotton, which feels amazingly soft and washes beautifully, and elastane to provide stretch in closer fitting garments.  

New life same you super-soft maternity t-shirt

For maximum comfort, choose natural, breathable fabrics that are gentle on the skin.


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Originally from New Zealand, Sarah is a mother to two boys and has lived in the UK for the past ten years. She is a home educator, freelance writer, Netflix-binger and has a penchant for strong black coffee. 

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