Feeling The Heat? 5 Ways To Keep Cool When Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

It’s July, which can only mean one thing, breastfeeding and pregnant mama’s all over the country are beginning to feel the heat. The sudden arrival of summer weather can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’ve got a little hot water bottle in your arms or belly!
Well, we’ve got your back. The team at NINE+QUARTER have put together our top tips for keeping cool when pregnant or breastfeeding. None of this “embrace the extra glow” malarkey, just real advice that has worked for us.

#1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Yes, we know that last thing you need right now is extra bathroom breaks, but staying hydrated can make a huge difference to how well you cope in the heat. Keep a sippy bottle on hand and aim to get through at least 2 litres a day. If you’re struggling to hit your water target, try snacking on food that has a high water content like cucumber, tomatoes and apples.

#2. Ditch The Layers

Summer is not the time for unnecessary layers of fabric. If you’re pregnant, look for long, loose tops and other easy pieces of floaty, breathable clothing. Opt for natural fabrics which are lighter and more breathable, such as linen, cotton and bamboo.

If you’re breastfeeding, this is where well-designed tops come into their own. A top that has been created with breastfeeding in mind will allow you to stay cool while feeding. So ditch the cover-ups, muslins, scarfs and cardigans, and feed your baby in comfort, without all that extra fabric.



#3. Hit The Pool (Or Improvise)

Usually, at this time of year, we’d recommend taking a trip to your local swimming pool, but these are unusual times. If you already have young children at home, commandeer the paddling pool whenever you need it! Or, use the bathtub or simply get creative with whatever you have to hand. 
Using a damp cloth or misting yourself with water is a great way to cool down, especially if you target your wrists, forehead and the back of your neck. Alternatively, even just paddling your feet in cold water will help to bring down your temperature (and is a great relief for swollen pregnancy feet).

A cold bath is great for bringing down your temperature when you're pregnant
A cold bath is a great way to bring down your temperature and relieve those swollen pregnancy feet.

 #4. Freeze Anything You Can Get Your Hands On

Nothing quite beats having a range of ice-cold snacks on hand, whether it be frozen fruit or something less healthy! But it isn’t just food that can benefit from the cold-treatment. A muslin cloth, slightly dampened and popped in the freezer can be perfect for those hot summer days. You can take full advantage of the refrigerator too, with moisturiser being a perfect item to chill prior to use - thank us later. 
“My all-time favourite thing to throw in the freezer on a hot day are ‘frubes’, those kids yoghurt tubes. It’s the perfect snack on a hot day, both my children and I love them.” 
- Martina Minarik, NINE+QUARTER Founder

 Frozen Fruit is the perfect healthy and ice cold snack

Frozen Fruit is the perfect healthy, ice cold snack

#5. DIY Air Con

We’ve all been there, the first day of the year that reaches the high 20℃’s and we’re googling “how expensive is air conditioning” (answer: very). Thankfully, there are some great hacks to get a reprieve from the heat, without spending a pretty penny. While it might not be quite as effective as an AC unit, the best one we’ve come across is simply placing a 2l bottle of frozen water in front of a fan. The ice absorbs heat from the fan-blown air, resulting in the air being cooler by the time it reaches you. Give it a try next time it’s too hot to sleep!
We know that summer can be a sweaty, clammy, exhausting time when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, but with these handy tips, you’ll be back to enjoying it in no time. 

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Originally from New Zealand, Sarah is a mother to two boys and has lived in the UK for the past 10 years. She is a home-educator, freelance writer, Netflix aficionado and has a penchant for strong black coffee.

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