Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

by Elle-Rose Williams

There are SO many ways you can announce your pregnancy, and we’ve spent a whole day browsing through all the amazing ideas online. Let’s face it, announcing your pregnancy is part of the fun - and it’s amazing to see the look of surprise on your friends and family’s faces!

It’s not an announcement you’ll get to do often in life (for most of us, only once or twice!); make the most of it and really enjoy the moment!

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some cute pregnancy announcement ideas we absolutely love…

Pregnancy announcement idea #1 : Get your pet involved

If you have a dog or a cat, using them in your pregnancy announcement is a super cute idea. We’ve seen people create signs such as ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ and have their pet pose next to it.

Pregnancy announcement idea #2 : Create a video

Creating a video of your initial reactions, and then sharing it with friends and family is a lovely way to let them share that first moment of discovery with you. You can easily film clips on your phone now too - so no high-tech equipment needed either.

Pregnancy announcement idea #3: Hide it inside Christmas Crackers

If you’re thinking of announcing your pregnancy over Christmas, why not hide little announcements inside everyone’s Christmas crackers? When people pull them at dinner, they will be surprised by the announcement hidden inside!

Pregnancy announcement idea #4: The classic scan selfie

A cute selfie with your baby scan is a classic!

Pregnancy announcement idea #5 : Pregnancy photoshoot

If you’ve already got a little bump on show, you can capture some cute photos showing it off! You can also use these photos as an announcement on social media!

Pregnancy announcement idea #6 : Keepsake announcement 

If you’re telling someone special in the family (such as an aunt or grandma), you could reveal the surprise by buying them a keepsake gift with the words “best grandma” on for example. They’ll quickly put two and two together!

Pregnancy announcement idea #7 : Create a cute social media post

There are so many cute ways you can announce your pregnancy via social media. Whether it’s an adorable selfie, or a ‘plus one’ addition to a family photo, a board or remake of the baby shark doo doo doo song - you can get really creative with it! Friends will love seeing the news pop up on their feeds and being able to share in your joy!

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