Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

by Elle-Rose Williams

Revealing the gender of your baby is one of the most fun and anticipated parts of pregnancy. It’s something that many couples want to plan something special for, as it’s a wonderful surprise for friends and family, and let’s them share in all of your excitement too.

Whether you’re revealing the gender only to your closest friends - or to a whole party full of people, there are heaps of cute and fun ideas. Here are some of our favourites:


Gender reveal idea #1. Gender Reveal Cake

If you’re throwing a party, then a gender reveal cake is a fun and delicious way to reveal the gender of your baby. The idea is, the inside of the cake is a certain colour (pink or blue) and when you cut into it the colour is revealed!


Gender reveal idea #2. Gender Reveal Box Opening

This idea is lots of fun! The idea is that you hide lots of coloured helium balloons in a box, and when you open the box, all the balloons fly up into the sky in the colour that matches the gender of the baby. This works great for big reveal parties, as it’s something lots of people can see and enjoy.

Gender reveal idea #3. Gender Reveal Balloon Pop

For this idea, you’ll want to put lots of coloured confetti into a giant balloon that coordinates with the gender of your baby. When it’s time to announce the gender of the baby, you pop the balloon and let the confetti fly everywhere!

Gender reveal idea #4. Gender reveal photoshoot

If you’re obsessed with instagram, then a gender reveal photoshoot might be a fun idea - and one that gets you lots of instagram likes! Reveal the gender with a cute pose or photo and enjoy reading everyone’s reactions in the comment section!

Gender reveal idea #5. Gender Reveal Party Poppers

Party poppers are a really fun way to announce the gender of your baby! Gather everyone around and get them all to pull their party poppers at the same time, and the colour of the streamers will give away the gender!

Gender reveal idea #6. Gender Reveal Fireworks

If budget isn’t an issue, then fireworks is the way to go. This method of announcing the gender is big and over the top - but it’s a big deal - so why not!? Enjoy seeing your friends surprised looks when they realise the colour of the fireworks is the gender too!

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