25 Unusual Baby Girl Names

by Martina Minarik 

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespear infamously asked, but if you’re an expecting parent trying to choose the perfect name for you baby girls (congratulations!) you’ll probably beg to differ. 

For many parents agreeing on a baby name is a big and tricky decision. Finding a name that you love can be hard, finding something that you both love (or at least can accept!) can be quite the challenge. Family names and traditions, personal likes/dislikes, previous relationships, friends' or siblings recent choices, nicknames and pronunciation in languages other than the  mother tongue are just a few of the things you might be taking into account.

Unusual baby girls names
Agreeing on a name can be tricky 


If you want to avoid the top 100 most popular names, but also don't feel comfortable opting for something too unique, this might be the list for you! To inspire your baby naming process, we’ve put together 25 beautiful and uncommon baby girls names that are on the rise in 2021. 

  1. Agnes. Greek origin meaning "pure".
  2. Alva. Popular in Sweden, the meaning of Alva is "white.
  3. Anika. Hebrew name meaning “Grace”.
  4. Astrid. The name Astrid is of Norse origin meaning "divinely beautiful". 
  5. Billie. English origin meaning “determination, strength”. 
  6. Eliz. Hebrew name meaning “God is My Oath”.
  7. Erie. Celtic name meaning “From Ireland”.
  8. Ferne. Derived from the botanical “Fern”.  
  9. Fia. The name Fia is of Italian, Irish, Portuguese origin meaning "wild or weaver". 
  10. Frida. Frida is a girl's name of German origin meaning "peaceful".
  11. Keira. Gaelic name meaning “dusky, dark-haired”.
  12. Ingrid. Scandinavian name. The Norse meaning is “fair, beautiful".
  13. Kaia. A name with disputed meaning. In Greek the name Kaia means "from the earth", in Hawaiian Kaia means 'The sea'. Other meanings include "pure" and "to rejoice".  
  14. Kiran (Ki-ran). Originates in the Sanskrit word kiraṇa, meaning "ray" or "ray of light".
  15. Lina. In both Greek and Persian Lina means "sunlight".
  16. Lola. Girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "lady of sorrows".  
  17. Mika (Mee-ka). Girl's name of Hungarian, Japanese, Russian origin meaning "beautiful fragrance".
  18. Noemi (Noe-mi). Meaning "my delight" is a Latin spin on Naomi. Another twist is Neomi.
  19. Rhea. The name Rhea is of Greek origin meaning "a flowing stream". 
  20. Rona. Welsh name meaning “fair, slender”.
  21. Roxy. Persian name meaning “dawn, bright”.
  22. Saga. Meaning the "seeing one" in Old Norse. This was the name of the Norse goddess of poetry and history. In modern day Swedish saga means "fairytale, story".
  23. Tory. Girl's name of English origin meaning "victory".
  24. Willa. The name Willa is of German origin meaning "resolute protection".
  25. Yuna. The name Yuna is of Japanese origin and means “Kindness”. 


Many parents wish to avoid the Top 100 most common names 
Top 100 Girls names 2020

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